easyJet holidays and the Oxford SDG Impact Lab

In a post-COVID world, purpose beyond profit is essential.  The University of Oxford has created the SDG Impact Lab to provide graduate students with the opportunity to collaborate with business in order to bring about real change.  The Lab has partnered with easyJet holidays to help this forward-thinking business take an industry lead on sustainable tourism that has a positive impact on the environment and local communities.

20 graduate students from across Oxford University will join the Impact Lab for six months, working closely with easyJet holidays.  They will acquire the skills, experience and character to lead transformative research in partnership with this major tour operator.  They will apply cutting-edge research methods to collaborate on the co-design of evidence-based interventions.

"Graduate thinkers. Corporate Partners. Sustainable Solutions."

Experienced easyJet holidays team members will provide expertise, industry knowledge, and personal mentoring. The company will support destination research visits and review project proposals, focusing on specific impact areas.  This fantastic opportunity will join real-world, corporate collaboration and mentoring to advanced postgraduate research.

Learn more about easyJet holidays commitments to sustainability

Matt Callaghan, easyJet holidays Customer Director said:

“We only launched easyJet holidays in 2019 but we were always clear that when it comes to sustainability we want to lead the industry and we want to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business, because, now more than ever, purpose beyond profit is essential.  We’re so pleased to be joining forces with the University of Oxford, combining our deep industry expertise with some of the brightest minds in the country, to help us identify where we can have a real impact and make meaningful change on the people and places that make our destinations so special.

“This is the first partnership of its kind and we’re really excited for the programme to get underway. We’ll be part of it at each and every step to provide our support and expertise, and we look forward to seeing the recommendations from the SDG Impact Lab students on what we can do to deliver on our commitment to providing holidays that don’t cost the earth.”