Survey on sustainability of remote work

One of the 2022 SDG Lab projects is all about the sustainabiility of remote work. Can it be used to encourage out-of-season tourism, longer stays and positive impact across the whole island? Compared to the baseline of tourism on the island today, would encouraging more remote workers to visit the island in turn support susatinable cities and economic growth opportunities? 

The team of Zoe Woods and Christine Cavallo has been on the ground in Mallorca meeting with stakeholders and speaking with locals about the tourism industry, what it means to them, and how remote work might change those dynamics. 

For anyone with a free five minutes, they have also created a short survey to assess demand to complete by 15th July. You can take it here: 

Lastly, If you happen to work or study on this topic already, they would love to hear from you in a 15-30 min call, contact the Lab & we will arrange a suitable time.