2023 Lab Fellowships

35 Graduate Fellowship Opportunities

The Lab provides extra-curricular fellowships that allow graduate students to work directly with business and other non-academic organisations in order to design research-based solutions that advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals. It is distinctive in its interdisciplinary approach bringing students together from across the University of Oxford divisions providing values-based leadership and employability skills training. 

We are seeking students interested in participating in the 2022/23 easyJet holidays Sustainable Tourism Programme who will undertake project-based work focusing on two complementary areas: Local Impact and Strategic Impact. Local: how can we address issues in specific Mediterranean tourism destinations from a bottom-up perspective? Strategic: how can we work with governments and the United Nations to shape industry-wide progress from a top-down perspective?

We are also offering Fellowships for our newly launched 2022/23 programme in partnership with BMW Group Plant Oxford which will focus on impacts in three areas: Climate, Colleagues and Community.  Read more about the launch and purpose of our new joint fellowship scheme with BMW MINI Plant in Oxford.

If you’d like to talk further about what the fellowships offer or your application contact our Programme Managers, Oliver Cook or Dyedra Morrissey.


‘One of the most inspiring initiatives I’ve come across at Oxford – cannot recommend it highly enough!’

William Pryor, Head of Policy Engagement, University of Oxford